How can I purchase from Toltec Farms?
  • For Chefs, Resorts, Food distributors and other wholesale customers, please contact us directly sales@toltecfarms.com / TEL.0809753450 
  • Our products are also available from:
    • Farang Foods
    • Mountain Fresh 
  • Microgreen grow kits are available for purchase on our website and are shipped daily throughout the country.

Does Toltec Farms offer any other services?

  • Yes!  We offer kitchen garden design and consultation Services for restaurants, resorts, cafe's and hotels.  We have designed Kitchen gardens for Blue Tree, Marriot, Banyan Tree and Angsana resorts.  We offer full build and maintenance services for the gardens. 
What are Microgreens?
  • Microgreens are tiny edible plants, usually vegetable garden plants, that are grown in quantity and harvested while they are still young. They are grown in a medium, like soil, and are usually grown and harvested at about 10 days, which is usually 7 or 8 days past the sprout stage. They are used for salads, soups, garnishes, or sprinkled on sandwiches. They offer a nutrition boost to any recipe, as they are rich in phytonutrients and other health promoting compounds.
Why do you offer Living Microgreens instead of Fresh cut?
  • Bottom line is Freshness! Live Micro's stay fresh longer because they continue to live on your Kitchen counter or in the walk in.  Most "fresh" cut greens wilt and spoil in 3 to 5 days. Our living microgreens will stay fresh for weeks and you can cut them at any time you are ready to eat.
Are your Microgreens Organic?
  • Yes!  Toltec Farms uses No Pesticides, No Fertilizers and No Soil!  Other growers use non-sterilized soil which can carry Ecoli, Listeria, Staph, or other harmful bacteria. We water all plants with Reverse Osmosis water and only grow in ToltecPro Our seeds are all sourced from Organic Farms or at the very least from Heirloom varieties. 
  • Microgreen photos and seed provided from True Leaf Market www.trueleafmarket.com
How does ordering work for Live Micro's?
  • We grow to order, for new orders or changes in recurring orders your Live Micros will be delivered within 7-10 days.  Note that some varieties, especially Basil need 2 weeks to grow.  If you need a product on a different day than we normally deliver, or need it rushed to you, please let us know as far ahead of time as possible.  Any questions please email info@toltecfarms.com
How do I take care of my Live Micro's?
  • Once you receive your Live Micro's, taking care of them is easy!  Keep them in a relatively cool place, (20-24 C is optimum) and make sure they have some type of light; either indirect sunlight or indoor lighting.  They may need to be watered 1-2 times a day, just place the growing container in a shallow dish with pure water for 5-6 seconds.  The growing medium will suck up all the water it needs.

Whats with all the plastic packaging!?

  • Unfortunately, a cost effective and sustainable packaging solution for live microgreens in Thailand, is not yet on the market.  Therefore, we offer a Rebate program for all undamaged containers returned to us.